Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Ad Vanderveen

I came across the music of Ad Vanderveen a while back now when i was looking through some music i had on my PC. I have no idea where it came from, as previous to that day i had no recollection of Ad or the song but i found a song called Start a New Life and i fell in love with it immediately.

Here's a video of Ad performing the song with Kersten de Ligny
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Ad was born in Hilversum in The Netherlands in 1956 but his musical influences come more from his Canadian family.
Over the years he has explored different styles of songwriting working with and in various bands before going solo in the early 1990's

He has to date recorded 16 solo Cd's as well as being involved many other projects and working with many other musicians all around the world.

His style varies from the acoustic solo work sometimes featuring singer and companion Kersten de Ligny, to 'electric improvisation' with his garage band The O'Neils.

You can read more about him, download some song samples and (i think) order his Cd's from his official site click HERE
You can also listen to some more of his work on Myspace

Here's another couple of videos of Ad for you to enjoy

First Feeling

World Is Changin' (with The O'Neils)

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